When will the bank charge us a fee for using a payment card?

Fees for using payment cards are an additional cost of running a bank account. It is therefore worth avoiding fixed fees for having payment cards. It is necessary in this case to meet certain obligations set by the bank, which allows you to reduce the cost of holding a payment card.

In banks, fixed fees are charged for having a payment card for an account most often when no transactions are carried out. It is rare that fees for using payment cards to bank accounts are accrued without additional obligations imposed by banks, the fulfillment of which allows to avoid payment for debit cards.

Banks charge such payments primarily due to the costs imposed on payment card issuers. If you want to use the most advantageous price offers of banks in the use of payment cards, it is very important to check and compare various bank account offers.

Then you can conveniently select offers that allow you to limit payments to zero.

Fee amount

The fixed monthly fee for having a payment card for a bank account is usually several zlotys. It is not a big monthly fee, but on a yearly basis it can be quite large and an additional cost of having a bank account. Therefore, it is worth avoiding such a cost by searching for bank accounts where the fulfillment of the bank’s obligations allows you to limit the fee to zero .

Most often, banks make payments for payment cards dependent on a turnover on a bank account on a monthly basis. It is necessary to execute a certain number of card payments or exceeding a certain sum of purchases with a payment card so that a fixed fee will not be charged.

When a bank account is set up it is worth checking if you want to use a payment card what is the amount of the fee and whether the bank provides the possibility of exemption from such a payment if the set conditions in the contract with the bank are met.

 When is the payment card fee charged?

Kiedy bank naliczy nam opłatę za korzystanie z karty płatniczej?


Charges for payment cards are calculated every month, which can be checked on the bank statement sent to the clients in electronic form. If the statement is not sent then you can check this information in the transaction history for electronic accounts. However, when certain conditions are met, which allow for exemption from the fee, such a fee does not appear on the statement of account in the given month.

At the same time, fees are calculated in a given month for the previous month in which the payment card was used. This is due, among other things, to the fact that banks are able to check whether the client has met the conditions that allow the exemption from the payment. In general, it is worth trying to be released from the payment card fee, which allows you to use the free bank accounts.

If you have chosen a free account and you are charged for a payment card then you may find that such a bill is not really so beneficial.