On-line shopping – what to pay to get a package as soon as possible?


Do not like to wait for packages from an online store? However, there are ways to speed up delivery. We advise you on what to do to enjoy it even the next day!


We are increasingly choosing online shopping. They are an excellent alternative to shopping in ordinary stores – not only we have a wider choice, but also we can shop more comfortably, faster and pay even less for them.

The main downside of buying online is waiting for a shipment from the seller. Depending on where you shop, as well as the method of payment and shipping you choose, we can wait for a few days or even more than a month.

However, you can speed up the shipment – for this purpose, it is worth remembering some important tips. Get to know them now!

  1. Check the shipping time

Before we make purchases in any online store, we should see what the declared shipping time is. It happens that the seller only has to bring goods for us or send it not from Poland, but from another country, for example from China.

As a result, the delivery time is longer and we have to wait impatiently for the package. Information on the time of sending individual items can be found most often on their websites and in the regulations of the online store.

  1. Choose the right payment method

The method of payment also affects the duration of the order – it is best to opt for a store that accepts payments via fast online payment systems.

Thanks to this, even when paying for the order via an interbank transfer, we will be able to receive the package instantly – the seller will then immediately receive payment information and will be able to pack and send the goods.

Also, we can speed up the shipment by picking a package with cash on delivery, but it is usually more expensive than paying in advance.

  1. Choose a quick delivery method

Another issue is choosing the right method of delivery of the ordered items.

Parcels sent by courier companies and priority letters and parcels are the fastest – and we can usually have them at home the next day (in the case of Polish Post parcels and letters only if they were sent to a certain time of the previous day).

In most cases, parcels sent to Parcel Lockers also arrive quite quickly. They are usually placed in devices the next day. The advantage is the ability to pick up the package at any time – we are not limited by working hours of the post or courier company.

  1. Read reviews about the seller

Finally, it’s worth pointing out the fact that the seller’s reliability is affected during the order. Many stores realize orders right away, that is, send parcels on a regular basis. However, there are also shops where customer service is not at the highest level.

To reduce the risk when buying it is worth to see in advance what are the opinions of a given online store. When they are positive and also exposing people, they indicate the quick delivery time, it is worth choosing an offer. Otherwise, it’s worth looking for another one.