Moving to a new bank. What about the account number?

When we want to set up our first bank account, we have many interesting offers to choose from. It’s worth taking a close look at it to find one that will meet all our expectations. However, over time the offer may cease to meet our expectations and something better may appear on the horizon. Then it’s worth thinking about moving to a new bank. What happens to our account number then?

Moving to another bank is not a very complicated process at all. Many of us associate such operations with time-consuming and demanding writing of a number of documents, but currently, the regulations allow us to settle everything expressly.

We can transfer the account both independently and can also help us with this new bank. This is due to the fact that since 2010 the recommendation of the Polish Bank Association has been binding, which obliges banks to facilitate the transfer of their clients.

Account transfer – step by step:

  1. We choose the right offer – it is worth getting acquainted with the various offers of banks in the field of personal accounts, let’s check the costs that we have to take into account, the conditions that we must meet in order not to pay. We can also use special bank account rankings for this purpose.

  2. Submit an application for opening a new account in a new bank – it is best to open new ones for you before closing an old account. We can do it now via the Internet or in an outlet.

  3. We are moving to a new account – we can do it ourselves or with the help of a new bank, to which we give the appropriate authorization. The second solution is more convenient, especially when we have fixed orders in the bank, direct debits, we have to notify many offices about account changes. When we do not have orders from the account, we do not have to notify the institution, we can move – usually, it is enough to transfer the sum that has been left in the old account for this new one.

  4. Account closure – when we have chosen the option of helping a new bank, then we will also get help when we do everything ourselves, then we go to the old bank in person or we arrange the formality by post or via the internet.

What about the number of our bank account?

Przeniesienie siÄ™ do nowego banku. Co z numerem konta?

Many people think that moving to a new bank is very similar to transferring a telephone number from one operator to another. In this case, however, we do not transfer the account number, but we receive a completely new number. Therefore, it is so important to let everyone know that we have a new account number. Let’s change it in offices, on portals where we sell, pass on to family and friends.

The inability to move to a new bank together with our old bank account results from the fact that banks have certain digital distinguish marks of banks assigned to them. These are the digits in the third to tenth position, which is why we can identify the bank by the bank account number.