Double-charged money when paying by card

Paying with the card is convenient and secure. However, there are also smaller and larger problems associated with this transaction method. One of them is a double withdrawal of money at the payment – stationary or online. What should we do in this situation?

Payment with the card lasts today only a few moments – we can pay with the confirmation PIN or touch, that is by applying the card to the terminal. However, there may be problems with the transaction – our card is rejected, no connection is possible. It may also happen that money will be taken from our account twice.

The store may have trouble connecting to the internet, the terminal prints a refusal, the first touch transaction “did not catch” and you have to repeat it. There may also be a terminal failure or it is on the side of the card issuer. It is in such cases that you can get double money. When this is the case, it is worth checking the account history if the transaction has been correctly settled.

If it turns out that your account has a double load, while it should only be one, then you should take a few steps.

Downloading funds or blocking them?

Podwójnie pobrane pieniądze przy płatności kartą

When we see the double sum of money – the same amount and the same hour, then the most common happens that one transaction causes the funds to be collected, while the other causes their blocking. What is the difference between blocking and collecting funds from an account?

The collection of funds or their deduction is based on the fact that funds are withdrawn from the account and transferred to the seller. In turn, the blockade blocks the appropriate sum in the account but does not cause them to be collected – these funds can be downloaded from the account or they can be “released” and returned to the customer.

Therefore, when we had problems with the payment in the terminal, it may happen that such a transaction results in the blocking of money in the account, but it does not really take them. Usually, the problems end – only one amount is collected and the blockade disappears. What, however, should we do when it actually happened twice to collect the money?

Make a complaint at the bank

If money has been collected from us twice, in this case, we should make a proper complaint with the bank. We can now do it in several different ways, including via the website, in person at the facility, by phone or by post. In the complaint, we should describe our problem.

Most often, the complaint allows us to solve the presented problem. In many cases, it is dealt with in a flash, but we have to prepare even for a few weeks waiting for a response.

In conclusion, double withdrawal from the account is a problem, but it is quite easy to solve. Often when it is on the side of a bank or card company and is part of a larger breakdown, it is automatically corrected. In the opposite case, when the money was collected twice, we should file a complaint with the bank and wait for its consideration.