NoiPA, October coupon: here are the dates of issue and collectability

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The NoiPA coupon in electronic format is available to all PA employees who have joined the System. How does it work? NoiPA calculates the salary for about a million and a half employees every month , processing information on fixed and ancillary skills .

All the staff of the school and of the other Bodies will be able to download their coupon on the NoiPA portal

Issuance and Exigibility

The issue and enforceability represent respectively the beginning and the end of the procedure concerning the payment of salaries. More precisely, the issue corresponds to the phase in which NoiPA collects and processes all the information necessary for payment.

There are 3 different types of emission:

  • Ordinary: processing monthly salary;
  • Urgent: processing arrears on credit or salaries related to past periods;
  • Special: processing of personal school skills and volunteers Firefighters and other special types of arrears.

The calendar and the related dates

Specifically, as usual, these are the dates:

  • Thursday 18th October – Special MIUR personal compensation issue
  • Tuesday, October 23 – Payable date Salary
  • Friday 26 October – Second Special Issue

Chargeability instead represents the date on which the payment is credited to your credit institution. This is therefore the phase in which the amount due is made available to the beneficiary.

The due dates are as follows.

  • 23 of each month : ordinary installment;
  • within 10 working days from the term Urgent and Special Issue.

Check the status of the Cedolino

We remind you that the self-service called ” Contracts fixed-term school ” is also available, which allows the precarious staff to consult the status of the payments as well as to monitor their administrative and economic situation at any time and independently.

Personal Loans, asking for them is really advantageous? Whom to contact?

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Internet gives us a great possibility, that is to be able to easily and quickly request many Personal Loans quotes for many different financials. Unfortunately, what is an advantage can also be a big handicap because it is easy in this way to fall victim to some scam.

Pay attention to who you are addressing.

In fact, it may happen that behind a financial that advertises ” Loans in 24 hours “, or ” loans even in protest ” or ” loans to pensioners ” is actually hiding a scam aimed at extorting the down payment for the instruction of the practice without that then the loan is actually paid out.

Of course, not all those who provide these types of loans are scammers. There are many financial institutions that, thanks to specific agreements with banks, can guarantee these loans.

When asking for a Personal Loan, then pay attention to whom you are addressing and do not underestimate the importance of reading and carefully reading the contract to a competent person of your choice.

How to defend against scams? First of all by asking for a check to your bank on the institution to which you intend to contact and ensuring that the contract includes:

  • TAEG: It is the effective interest rate that you will actually pay once the loan is paid, which is different from the usually most advantageous TAN;
  • Possible charges in case of default: in the event that, for any reason, you are not able to pay a loan installment within the established terms it is necessary to know what the interest on non-payment is and if this can lead to a notification to the institutions heritage protection;
  • Methods of reimbursement, withdrawal methods and early repayment: How is the loan repaid and what happens if I decide to pay off the loan in advance? In the latter case it is good to know that the indemnity can not exceed the interest rate already stipulated in the contractual phase;
  • What are the insurance coverage?

Scuola, Minister Bussetti: “From September new competitions are coming”

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The Minister of Education Marco Bussetti adds: “Of course there will be competitions in the school. We intend to activate them as early as September, “he explains. “We have to review a whole system that has so many positions to clarify right now”, he points out, “it takes calm, order, attention and great reflection. We are putting it all “.

Bussetti: already intervened with some changes

In addition to the news of the competitions in September, Bussetti also focused on the beginning of the school year. “We arrived on the first of June when the start of the school year begins with the questions that teachers present to retire and with the pre-enrollments of January and February. The car starts with the beginning of the calendar year to be ready in September. We have already intervened with some changes compared to the past “. “We want all operations”, he explains, “to be carried out simultaneously. Some problems will always be there but we are ready to intervene to solve them “.

Paritarie: that of our school is a unique system

The minister then dealt with the issue of schools that are “part of our education system that the Constitution itself provides. Those destined for them are not just funding but support, help and will have to go to those who actually produce excellent quality from the point of view of the training offer “. “This system – reaffirms Bussetti – is not complementary to the state one: that of our school is a unique system, which includes state schools and equal schools”. In the plans of the minister, also a modification of some aspects of the state exam, and the idea of ​​”monitoring the whole situation related to infrastructures in general, including schools”, putting “under the school buildings”.

Special right to terminate forward loans

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Many mortgage borrowers are currently faced with the same challenge: how can they secure the currently still low interest rates on construction money, even though the debt consolidation of the existing follow-on financing, which was possibly completed years ago as a forward loan, has not yet ended? A solution to this problem can be the special right of termination according to § 489 BGB (Civil Code).

With the special right to terminate forward loans more favorable follow-up financing

As a rule, in the case of real estate financing, borrowers need follow-up financing after the expiry of the borrowing rate for the settlement of the outstanding debt. Many builders and homebuyers have opted for a forward loan in recent years to protect themselves against rising construction rates. Now, however, the interest rates have fallen further in the meantime, so that an alternative follow-up financing could prove more favorable. So how can you replace the more expensive construction loan, so that the whole thing is actually worthwhile in the end?

Free escape Special right of termination of forward loans

There are generally some ways to terminate a forward loan. Those who cancel it before paying the loan amount usually have to pay a non-acceptance fee. Upon termination within the debit interest commitment, the banks charge a prepayment penalty . With a longer fixed interest period, the borrower can dissolve his forward loan like any other construction loan after 10 years plus a notice period of 6 months free of charge and with the above-mentioned special right of termination according to § 489 BGB. However, the forward loan still has a special case insofar as it has been concluded for follow-up financing with the same lender.

When is the earliest date for the special right to terminate forward loans?

In the case of a special termination right, the time of the complete loan payment is always decisive for the earliest possible termination date of a real estate financing. In the first paragraph of § 489 BGB it is stated under point 2: “In any case, after the expiration of ten years after the complete receipt, giving six months’ notice.” Only when the last euro of the loan amount (with partial payments) has been paid out, the ten-year period of the special termination right begins on the following day. And then there is the additional notice period of six months.

Reason for financing: Buying a property new follow-up financing Type of property: condominium detached house Two family house Apartment house Semi-detached house Offer without obligation
and request for free

The forward loan is characterized by the fact that there is a lead time (forward period) between the conclusion of the contract and the payment of the loan amount. In the past, therefore, the question arose as to which date for the special right to terminate the forward loan is now legally decisive. Many banks have assumed for years that only the payment date counts. That’s correct as well. The exceptional case: if the forward loan as follow-up financing was not concluded with a new, but with the previous lender. For then the second sentence of the first paragraph of § 489 BGB, point 2, applies: “If, after receipt of the loan, a new agreement on the time of repayment or the borrowing rate is made, the date of this agreement will replace the date of receipt . “

Court ruling on the special right to terminate forward loans

This interpretation was confirmed by the judges of the Bochum district court in their judgment of 14 September 2015, file reference I-1 O 68/15. They decided that in this special case the contract date of the loan extension is relevant. In contrast to follow-up financing with a new lender, a loan extension with a forward loan to the same bank basically does not result in the payment of a loan amount. Therefore, the date of contract signature with the changed agreements is decisive for the determination of the periods of notice. If, for example, you have arranged for a follow-up loan three years in advance, its follow-up financing with the same bank, you could therefore already after seven years during the current forward loan the termination under § 489 BGB – plus of course the additional always valid notice period of six months.

Tip from DTW | Real estate financing: Borrowers who have completed a forward loan for follow-up financing with the same lender a few years ago should check whether and when a premature free contract termination using the special termination right under § 489 BGB is possible. Then they have the opportunity to initiate a rescheduling at more favorable interest rates without the payment of a prepayment penalty. If you have any questions about this option, our financing experts will be happy to advise you in detail, free of charge and without obligation.

The Government will force the nationalized entities to grant loans to SMEs and families

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The Economy Minister, Luis de Guindos, has suggested during his appearance in the Economy Committee of Congress that the authorities will force nationalized financial institutions to grant loans to SMEs and families . “We have three magnificent and healthy banks with liquidity under the umbrella of the FROB and must be used in the most appropriate way possible,” said Economy Minister, who in turn recalled that several help lines have already been launched for small and medium-sized companies.

De Guindos announced a “fund of funds” of 3,000 million to recapitalize exporting companies The European authorities have banned nationalized entities from investing in brick to provoke the “deleveraging of private debt”, which is why De Guindos estimates that it is going to favor the granting of credits to other sectors , such as SMEs. In addition, it included the Official Credit Institute (ICO) in the equation and opted to specialize in granting credit to exporting and innovative companies.

Among the tools already made available, the minister listed an amount of 22,000 million from the ICO, another line of promissory notes of 3,000 million and a “fund of funds” that will increase up to 3,000 million the capitalization of Spanish export companies.

Sareb will sell 1,500 million this year

De Guindos defended before Congress deputies the creation of Sareb (known as bad bank), an extremely complex entity and “very difficult to manage” that has been “with the worst of each house” , in relation to the 200,000 toxic assets that he has bought from the bank with an average discount of 52%. In relation to its implementation, the minister announced that some 1,500 million euros in assets will be sold this year.

The minister rejects the merger of the three nationalized (BFA-Bankia, CX and NCG) because “they are worth more separately” Regarding the failed sale of Catalunya Banc last week, De Guindos argued that “the Government will not pay no entity that is participated by the FROB “. In his opinion, there are five years to sell three entities “healthy and with liquidity”, and the Executive does not consider merging them since “they are worth more separately” , although they will maintain a coordination on all of them.

In response to the IU deputy Alberto Garzón, who asked him about the real likelihood that the aid to BFA-Bankia will be returned, De Guindos rejected “being frivolous” and acknowledged that said return will depend on “multiple variables , but I can tell you that we are going to leave the skin so that it can be sold at the highest price when it returns to the private sector, “he said.

Report on salaries in banking and companies

The former banker, who claimed his job leading the Spanish financial restructuring, has indicated that his government was the first to limit salaries and pensions to the top positions of financial institutions. As he pointed out before the Congress, the Executive “has received a report on remunerations prepared by the Bank of Spain, and this Friday I will inform the Council of Ministers about it, ” he explained.

The Government in the next few days, according to the Economy Minister, will approve a corporate governance law in which all entities must submit a compensation report from their top management. This report will be published by means of a relevant event of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). In addition, said legislation will impose that it will not be possible to be an independent director for more than 12 years , in another step to guarantee the independence of the directors of the listed companies.

What do I do if I need an urgent loan?

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Before committing erroneous acts due to times of urgency and stress, we must take into account a number of things, which we will talk about below.

Do you really need to make that payment or buy that?

Sometimes users request funding for things that are not essential, we must also bear in mind that many users are afraid to finance products or buy things financed, because in other times, they have had more unstable situations than the current ones. That in the past there have been economic difficulties, does not mean that they are repeated. Can you imagine buying that or making that payment? Surely you feel much calmer or much calmer. We have to live more in the present and not be so afraid of the future .

Do you meet the banking requirements?

Sometimes users start thinking and seeing prices of things, which they think they will get with financing. This is not always the case, since once they have decided to buy that, they will ask for financing or go to the bank and they will be met with a great rejection. If you do not have an indefinite contract job, you can resort to online financing, when in other places you are rejected .

Where do I look for a loan urgently?

You do not have to go far or you are looking for hours, from this website you already have different forms of financing that are accessed in minutes and you have the answer in a matter of minutes. The financial companies that you have access to, from the categories above, have already been verified and comply with Spanish regulations.

What other ways do I have to get the money?

There are always alternatives to online or bank financing , such as asking for money from the family or selling second-hand things, in case you need that urgently, the situation becomes more complicated. Urgent loans are a much faster option than previous ones, without having to compromise relatives or friends.


If it is for the purchase of a whim, it is possible that you do not have to do things urgently either , if it is for the payment of an invoice or a fine , it may be that a quick credit online and urgently , is one of the most profitable options long-term. Since that way they do not cut the supply or the amount of the fine is not increased. 

When is it a good idea to apply for a loan?

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There are many times and circumstances in life where you need an economic boost . Therefore, in Vivus we offer you quick credits to help you solve situations in which there is some kind of unforeseen expense . If you need money quickly , we propose a financing model that can be a good solution for you.

However, you have to take many things into account before opting to apply for a credit online, because sometimes, it may not be a good idea. Therefore, in this post we explain when it is a good decision to ask for a Vivus credit and when not.

Some situations in which it is convenient to opt for a Vivus loan

  • Breakdown of our vehicle

These types of incidents tend to come to you at the most inopportune times and require a quick response. Leaks, failures, deterioration, wheel changes … there are many breakdowns that can arise and all of them are really expensive . A quick loan allows you to immediately repair your car to use it day by day.

  • Problems in housing

A refrigerator that breaks down, a pipe problem or the appearance of moisture are some of the problems that can arise in your home every other day. This is not only an inconvenience that, if it is prolonged, affects your comfort and well-being , but it can also jeopardize your family economy . For this reason, applying for a Vivus loan can become the best help to solve these problems in our home and reestablish calm.

  • Traffic fines

No matter how good a driver you are, sometimes mistakes are made that bring the corresponding fine . A small excess of speed, a parking in an undue site are common actions that imply that you have to spend your money . In addition, it is always convenient to make this type of payment as soon as possible, because in this way the amount can be reduced by half. In this sense, asking for a quick credit can help you pay the penalty without your pocket suffering.

  • A trip with a Vivus credit

Do you want to finally plan that trip with which you have always dreamed ? Have your friends proposed a tempting getaway for which you have no budget? Did you have an unexpected trip due to an event that you have to attend yes or yes? In all these cases, applying for a loan can be the perfect solution so that you can afford your plans without being overwhelmed.

  • A medical treatment

If you have to submit to some type of treatment and do not want to put a price on your health , you can always apply for a credit online and finance that extra expense . Dental implants, rehabilitation, physiotherapy sessions, etc. they can be financed with an online loan .

Situations where we should not ask for a loan from Vivus

However, sometimes, due to personal circumstances , it is not a good idea to request a quick credit . So, if you drag economic difficulties for a long time and you are going through a bad situation you may be tempted to resort to this type of financing , but it is not a good idea as there are times when asking for a loan can be problematic .

In this sense, from Vivus we recommend you never allocate an online credit to :

  • Pay other debts

Paying debts for more credits is not the solution and can introduce you into a circle of difficult exit .

  • Pay the mortgate

The online credits help you in any situation, but it is not advisable to ask them to pay a mortgage , since, in this case, we are not talking about a punctual but recurring expense.

  • Invest in risk products

Asking for a loan to invest in the stock market , for example, is a terrible option . It is not advisable to go into debt thinking about future profitability since this can go very badly.

As you can see, applying for a loan in Vivus is an ideal solution that helps you face an unexpected expense , but it is important to pay attention to your circumstances and think about it before choosing this option.

Why does my loan take so long to arrive?

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If you need extra income offers you only advantages. Sign up, select a return period and choose the amount . In this way, and after sending your documentation (ID and proof of your account number) you will know if your loan request has been approved. In this case, once the credit is approved, makes the transfer to the bank account in minutes. The client will receive an email and a message to the mobile confirming the granting of the credit. The best thing about is that in just 15 minutes they make the bank transfer to the account number provided.

So far everything seems simple, however those 15 minutes can become 48 hours. And from here it is worth clarifying that this delay has nothing to do with the internal functioning of , but depends mainly on the bank account provided by the customer , that is, the bank.

Logically, the debit in the account of the originator of the transfer takes place at the same moment in which the transfer is executed, although the availability of the funds in the account of the recipient is sometimes not immediate . For example, in national transfers between different entities, a transfer may take up to two business days

When will the funds be available to the customer? Well, we insist: it depends on the account that the client provides . Nothing has to do with the policy of ING with Abanca, for example. In other words, suppose we decided to transfer 500 euros from a Santander account to BBVA. Banco Santander, or any other financial identity, sends the money directly to BBVA. In fact, the intermediary, so to speak, is an account of operations of its customers that is open at the Bank of Spain . And so, simultaneously, it tells the Bank of Spain that it has a money transfer order for the BBVA for an amount of 500 euros, in this case.

Therefore, this process takes place in all banking operations, including, of course, those carried out by towards its customers. Do not forget an important detail, and that is that the law dictates that electronic transfers should be made effective at the end of the business day following the order, that is, every day except Saturdays and Sundays and the following holidays: New Year, Friday Holy, Easter Monday, May 1, and December 25 and 26. Knowing this, inform yourself at your bank because the policy of is very clear: is committed to making the transfer in less than 15 minutes.

You already know, when you make your loan application, keep these details in mind, talk to your bank and you will only be able to enjoy your money.

Women are often more careful when it comes to loans and money

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It is often heard in the news that women have a smaller pension savings than men. One also hears that there are many more men than women who invest in, for example, shares. This may be due to several things. For example, women’s pension savings are often explained by the fact that they often have jobs where they do not earn as much as men. Thus, it gives a lower pension savings in the end.

However, this may also be due to the fact that women are often more cautious when it comes to money. Men often dare take a few more chances. They do not let their money stand on a savings where they can stand safe, but where they do not grow so fast. They want to see their money work and become more. They therefore invest in shares or companies or start something up themselves. It is therefore a good opportunity for them to get more money now and here or for their retirement.

Therefore, if women need more money for retirement, they should also have more courage to invest and get their money out and work.

Caution compared to loans can be a good thing

However, it is not only a bad thing to be careful. In terms of taking a loan, it’s a good idea to think of an extra time. This may mean that you have chosen the right loan. Or that you avoid taking a loan that you do not actually need.

It is very easy to take a loan today. This can be done via the network and the mobile phone. There are many, both men and women, who make use of that opportunity. It is also not stupid to take a loan for something that you need. But it’s always a good idea to take care of and find out if that’s the right loan. For example, looking at how much to pay for the loan.

If you only need to borrow the money in a short period of time, it does not matter that you have to pay some high interest rates. But if you plan to pay the money over several years, it’s a good idea to find a sms loan with a low interest rate. That’s also what is called OPP. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, it’s a good idea to do some research before taking a loan.

Your yes: the right loan for marriage

loan for marriage

The wedding reception, the wedding dress, the photo shoot, the wedding rings, the honeymoon and many other expenses: marriage is the most beautiful day of all life, but often also the most expensive. The Shrek wedding loan is alongside the future spouses who want to fulfill their dream of happiness without giving up the beauty of a special moment.


The wedding loan is an easy to activate tool and can be tailored just like a wedding dress! You can choose to be financed a specific expense ( finalized loan ), for example the creation of wedding favors, or you can activate a personal loan for the wedding to be used freely as extra budget for the organization of the ceremony. In both cases, the future spouses will be credited their current account with the requested sum in a short time (in some cases within 48 hours from the approval of the loan), which will repay in the time agreed in the amortization plan.

Between the two formulas – finalized loan and personal loan – the second is the most convenient , even if it has a slightly higher rate. In fact, to organize a wedding, it is almost always used by several suppliers (catering, wedding list, florist, etc.): having an untied available sum simplifies your life and saves time .

There are various types of loans for marriage , Shrek is available to present free of charge to each couple the strengths of the various offers, helping them to find the one that suits them best.

How to choose the right loan?

The factors that must be considered in the evaluation of a loan for marriage are in fact multiple: how much money do you need? Is it possible to change the duration of the loan or the amount of the installment in progress? Do you prefer to repay the loan bank by giving up a part of your salary each month through the formula of the assignment of the fifth ? Are there loans that do not involve preliminary costs?

The list of questions may continue for a while and may even be longer than that of the wedding : for this Shrek makes available without any obligation and without cost a consultant able to accompany the bride and groom in a clear and convenient choice .