Personal Loan

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The Personal Loan (also referred to as Consumer Credit) is a loan that is granted without any obligation to purchase a specific good or service.

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loans are non-finalized Loan forms. These loans are not directly linked to the purchase of a good or service and allow you to obtain liquidity without specifying the reason. Once the Personal Loan is obtained, the financial institution (the bank or the financial institution) pays the sum to the borrower who undertakes to repay it on a monthly basis with the loan installments within the established period.

To protect against the risk of insolvency on the part of the client, the Bank or the Finance Department may request additional guarantees such as the guarantee (Loan with Guarantor) and / or an insurance policy if the credit rating of the consumer was poor as a form of protection.

Apply for a Personal Loan

To obtain a Loan of this type it is necessary to have the requisites required for a Personal Loan . Each credit institution provides specific criteria for the assessment of the loan application that must be included in the directives issued by the Bank of Italy. Normally, to request a Personal Loan the applicant must:

  • Being aged between 18 and 70 ;
  • Have a good credit reputation;
  • Having a repayment capacity compatible with all other monthly expenses (rent, bills, installments of other loans in progress, etc.

Benefits Personal Loan

With DG Prestifin you can request the best personal loan, with the following advantages:

  • Financing up to € 40,000 ;
  • Duration of the loan up to 10 years ;
  • Customized repayment plan;
  • Insurance coverage to protect the loan;
  • It does not need any motivation ;
  • Deduction by RID on current account.

Loans for freelancers without a guarantee and companies

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Are you looking for loans for freelancers without a guarantee? Loans for companies without endorsement are being one of the preferred services for many entrepreneurs. Here we provide the following solutions.

If you are looking for a way to finance your business or start a new project, here we offer you a large list of financial products with which to get a credit for a company .

Bank loans for companies: they are one of the best ways to finance a project. It is not always necessary to put up an endorsement, to show the last income that the company has had or the business plan may be sufficient.

Where do I apply? Information in the link : Bank loans for companies .

Fast loans : many entrepreneurs resort to this utility, when they must make specific payments, such as payment to suppliers or the purchase of materials. To request one, browse the higher categories of this website .

Loans without property : some people think that the only guarantee is that of property. But you can borrow without property, although a guarantee is necessary, a vehicle may be sufficient in some cases. Vehicles with many years or damaged, are often rejected.

State aid : if you have a company or you are self-employed, there are aids available to cover expenses of the business activity. As for example the rent of the premises or the purchase of the necessary tools.

Private equity financiers or private lenders for companies : we have previously talked about loans from banks and about quick loans, but another solution is private investors or financial ones. Without a property it can be difficult to access one of these solutions, but that does not mean that it is impossible, in certain cases.

Rent or use leasing: instead of asking for a loan, another alternative is to rent what you need to buy. Very profitable for temporary companies or to avoid having debts.

Loan for land purchase

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Do you need a loan to buy land ? Request a loan to buy land for your farm or buy the cottage in the country you’ve always wanted.

The Loan for land purchase is increasingly required, not only by farms, but above all by individuals who buy land or directly with a house to enjoy a little relaxation. Now the data are clear, more and more families in Italy are stressed. The main reason for stress is the hectic life of the big cities, the work commitments that take up most of our resources and our time. A solution can be the purchase of a cottage in the countryside, where to spend a few days a month, or why not, move permanently.

What are Loans for land purchase?

The financing for the purchase of land can be finalized for purchase or not. In the event that it was not finalized, that is, not explicitly required for the purchase of a good or service, we recommend a Cession of the Fifth online that allows you to get large sums of money even to pensioners up to 90 years. The sale of the fifth allows you to get precisely liquidity on your current account, finally, this sum can be used as you see fit, even for the purchase of land. In addition to the Cession of the Fifth we can offer the Mortgages solution, allowing the client to obtain larger amounts, with the request of a guarantor or a mortgage on a property.

Who can apply for loans to buy land?

Loans for land purchase are granted to:

  • Public Employees;
  • State employees;
  • Employees of private or para-public companies;
  • Pensioners up to 90 years.

What is required to request the loan?

To obtain a Loan for land purchase, you need:

  • Identity card;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Paycheck or pension slip.

What are the pros and cons of repayment-free loans

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It’s always a big decision to buy your own home – there are many things to take into account. Secondly, there is the location in relation to jobs, schools, daycare centers, shopping opportunities and public transportation. But not enough – one should also think of the financing and whether to choose the repayment-free loans.

Before you got the repayment-free loans you can say that you did not have to get more expensive than you could afford – but at that time it was also required to pay off your debts – today you can only pay the interest on one’s debt without deducting.

This means that choosing loan-free loans can be in a home that may be 2-3 times more expensive than one could afford with a traditionally funded credit loan.

Some believe that it is a bad solution, since in principle they are exactly the same debt when the deduction is heard.

That’s also correct, if you borrow 2 million, you still owe 2 million when the period of deduction ends. – However, you have paid interest on the amount throughout the period.

In comparison to living for rent, you should get a profit in the end – let’s assume that you have a 10-year grace period and subsequently choose to sell your property.

It may be realistic to assume that the home has risen in value over the 10 years that you have lived there (assuming that you have maintained and fitting it as you should) and everything else will be able to reap the gain gained by the price has risen.

If you had rented for the same period, you had just spent all the money on rent and on the day that you had vacated the lease you would get a maximum of a portion of your deposit back.

However, it may seem very prohibitive for many people to consider the many different financing options in housing finance.

For example, choose a loan in Danske Kroner or Euro, you have to go for fixed or variable interest rates – or maybe even variable interest rates with interest rate – and so of course the big question, you should choose to use a 10-year period of deduction.

Some mortgage institutions offer a moped card scheme, which allows you to choose 10 years for a period of 30 years to obtain a deduction – for example, you choose. To make a new kitchen and bathroom, you can then take advantage of the possibility of 1 year of deduction for a little extra air in the budget.

There are now many players in housing finance – both banks and mortgage institutions, but in recent years, real estate agents have also become more interested in housing finance – it is therefore not uncommon for larger real estate agents to have finance advisors – thus helping the buyer throughout the housing purchase .

As a home buyer, there is much to investigate – and it’s not just a question of whether or not to apply for repayment-free loans. Therefore, it may be a good idea to associate with an accountant who can help one to put together the best solution for housing finance – and the auditor is impartial in relation to the choice of lender and thus does not obtain a commission.

Tax return: can mortgages and loans be deducted?

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Tax deductions 2018 : what expenses can be deducted from the tax return ? This is a question we must ask ourselves when we are preparing to complete the tax return. For both the Model 730 and the Income Model there are in fact some expenses incurred during the year that can allow us to pay less taxes.

Can mortgages and loans be deducted? The answer is not a dry yes or a no. Some distinctions must be made. Among the eligible expenses between the tax deductions 2018 mortgages and loans fall under specific cases.

We have already explained how the pre-compiled income tax returns with its advantages and risks ( read here ), also listing the main changes in terms of deductible expenses. The next step is understanding, for example, if the loan we pay for the house can allow us to save a little. Or if there are tax deductions for those who have applied for personal loans .
Let’s make it clear once and for all on loans, mortgages and tax deductions!

The advantages of tax deductions

First, however, a clarification. Why is it important to know if mortgages and loans can fall under the 2018 tax deductions? Soon said: tax deductions are the sums of money that each of us has the right to subtract from taxes on income that owes to the State.

The Revenue Agency clarifies each year what the “deductible” expenses are. If we present them at the time of the tax return we will get a tax discount .

Personal loans and tax deductions

Personal loans are not included in the expenses that we can deduct. The reason is simple. A personal loan is requested for private needs, so for tax authorities it does not give the right to any deductions. No reimbursement of interest on the personal loan is envisaged.

However, there are some special cases in which loans can be deducted :

  • freelancers (self-employed workers or sole proprietorships) who apply for a loan for professional activity;
  • loans and agricultural loans ; the interest expense is deducted for a sum less than or equal to the declared agricultural income and dominical income.

Mortgages and tax deductions

The speech changes for mortgages . Here we can talk about tax deductions and save a little money. The Inland Revenue has explained that “the interest expense , the accessory charges and the revaluation quotas paid in dependence of the mortgages give the right to a deduction from the gross tax in the amount of 19% .

The deduction applies to a maximum amount of 4 thousand euros :

  • for each holder if the mortgage was stipulated before 1993
  • overall if the mortgage was stipulated after (in this case there will be the subdivision between the holders of the loan).

Which mortgages and what expenses can be deducted

In model 730 different types of mortgages stipulated in recent years can be deducted. Here is a summary of what they are.

  • Mortgages for the purchase of the main residence (line E7)
  • Mortgage loans stipulated before 1993 for the purchase of properties other than the main residence (lines E8 to E10, code 8)
  • Loans contracted in 1997 for maintenance, restoration and renovation (lines from E8 to E10, code 9)
  • Mortgage loans contracted since 1998 for construction and renovation of the main house (lines E8 to E10, code 10)
  • Mortgages and agricultural loans (lines E8 to E10, code 11)

At the same time it is good to know what the accepted expenses are for mortgages. These are the interest expense and accessory charges paid in 2017 (we go with the cash criterion regardless of the maturity of the installment).
Among the accessory charges must be counted:

  • Higher amounts paid due to changes in currency exchange for mortgages in other currencies
  • Brokerage commission due to credit institutions
  • Tax charges (tax for registration or cancellation of a mortgage, substitute tax on capital lent)
  • Commission for installment spread in cash loans
  • Notary fees related to the signing of the loan agreement

If the mortgage is registered to more than one person , each holder takes advantage of the tax deduction relating to his / her share of interests within the limits set by the stipulated loan. This means, therefore, that the share of interest incurred for any tax-dependent family members can not be deducted.

Loans for Christmas gifts and expenses

Christmas entails many expenses and we are making many of our visitors already have access to credit to make upfront expenses. Then we will also talk about the most frequent expenses that most applicants have at Christmas.

Quick credits for Christmas gifts.

The gifts are very important for certain families and friends, however, other expenses make many want to ask for a loan and be able to give bigger gifts, in exchange for a greater effort in the future. In the following link you have more information about financing Christmas gifts.

Urgent loans for Christmas trips.

Christmas trips are also another of the expenses that make many customers want to have money, before collecting the salary or earlier than expected. Above all the expenses to travel and see the closest relatives. Also many couples and friends, make trips especially in these dates, since they are dates in which the holidays and dates more “special” for all coincide.

Financing for Christmas celebrations.

Christmas celebrations can also be very expensive, especially if you want to make meals in which the prices of products are higher or go to restaurants of a certain level. Many users, in the case of wanting to face this type of meals, dinners and celebrations, come to the aid of online funding and achieve their main goal, get the money before the month of January and enjoy the most of your family.


This type of financial services are requested with the thought of being able to face them in the months that come after the month of December. These financial products are recommended for users who will receive a salary in the following months, to the month of December.

Loans for undocumented immigrants in the USA

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In the United States there are immigrants who need money to survive or start some kind of economic activity, for example buying certain tools for work or for buying / selling. In this post, we teach you how to get money by being an undocumented immigrant in the United States.

Request money in your country from the United States.

One thing you can do, if you are an immigrant without papers in the USA , is through the internet and through your original documentation, request a quick credit on a website that offers loans in your country of origin. For example, if you are Mexican, look for financial online from Mexico. It is important that you put the bank account of your country.

  • See online loans from Mexico : Apply for an online loan with a Mexican loan . If you want to find more financial or companies that offer services in other countries, you can do it from the beginning of our website .

Search for non-bank businesses that include private lenders.

If the previous form has not worked for you or you prefer something other than through the internet, you can also use other techniques to get money in the USA . A very used, is to resort to pawnshops that are lenders . It is possible that many of them do not trust their money to undocumented people. But some do or can provide you contacts from private lenders who do. If you have something of value, such as a vehicle, you can also pawn it. That will give you more chances to get the money .

Things you have to be careful of.

Beware of some problems or scams that may cause you to request money irregularly or non-traditionally. Here is a list of some warnings you should be careful of :

  1. Do not pay before: some companies and individuals offer a service in which they work as a “loan study” and ask for money before giving you the financing. Most times, they do not get a loan with the requirements of the client or victim, in such a way that they keep the money and do not care about the applicant’s situation. Even many times, they are scams and that’s it.
  2. Look for references or opinions : you have to be careful with which company or with whom, the money is requested. Since they can be scammers that all they want is their documentation or perform any type of scam. That is why you should look, if it is a registered company and seek user opinions . We have made a compilation of financial opinions .
  3. Be careful with the collectors : if you finally get a lender who works in a particular way . You must pay all fees as appropriate, because otherwise you can lose everything you have or even receive threats, assaults or end in a tragedy for you and everyone around you.

Search for funding and employment in Canada.

In these times, Canada is becoming a simpler country than the USA , when it comes to getting a job legally and accessing financial services , dedicated to workers. Some companies of lawyers, are specializing in offering papers to immigrants from Latin America and also a job, with which to normalize their situation. There are also emerging training companies that offer a new opportunity to work and study at the same time . A very effective way is with:

  1. Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: This is a program of the Canadian government, with which offer the opportunity for workers from other countries who want to farm, can do and standardize all the necessary paperwork.
  2. See information from the Government of Canada :
  3. In this way the immigrants who participate in the project, will already pay taxes like any other citizen and will be able to fulfill the Canadian dream.

In which US states is there more work for people without papers?

If you do not have a job and you want to find a new opportunity in the United States, some states are more recommendable than others. Because the people of these cities hire immigrants of all kinds of nationalities and also some foreign businessmen who were also in a similar situation .

  • Search for work in Miami : Miami is one of the states where most is spoken in Spanish and where more immigrants can lend a hand, to get a job, get a loan or get any kind of favor.

Look for work in Europe and get funding there. (List of countries)

Because in the United States, it is getting harder and harder to work illegally, you also have to look for new countries where you may have more opportunities and not persecute illegal immigrants.

  • France : there is work in agriculture, as for example in grape vineyards, with which wine is then made. It is not necessary to have papers, since most of the owners of the land prefer to have undocumented persons.
  • Germany : it is one of the countries in Europe with the least unemployment. Some people in Germany are in a state of desperation when it comes to seeking employees. Above all, when they are looking for people with a high educational level.
  • See : List of countries to find a job easily .
  • Spain : in the tourist season there is also a lot of work. It is one of the countries in Europe with the highest unemployment. It has the advantage of language and the advantage that immigrants are not so guarded. In many cities in Spain, you can see people without documentation, even talking to state workers. Although, you may also have bad luck and be deported.
  • Denmark : one of the countries with the best quality of life in Europe. The minimum wage in Denmark does not exist. The average salary is approximately € 55,000 and unemployment is 4.8%.
  • Financial in Europe : interests are low and thanks to technological advances, opportunities and competition increase, which benefit the user.

Working in Europe without papers is much simpler than in the US, but neither should we believe that it is to arrive and that’s it. They can also deport you.

Pawn shops and fast loans in Los Angeles.

The company of Pico Union Pawn is a business dedicated to quick loans, the purchase of second-hand items and the sale of second-hand goods through its stores and through ebay. They have 40 years of experience in the business.

  • The address of this business : 4579 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019.
  • Its basic services are : loans immediately, money for jewelry and money in exchange for objects sees value in the market of things used.
  • They have a chat : in their official website, they have a chat and also email, so that for any questions.

Loan companies in New Mexico (NM)

The Valley Pawn company offers personal loans at 10% interest. The address of this company is: 401 Menaul Blvd NW albuquerque NM 87107 us . It is a serious business, in which they have several boxes of customer service and where they are also interested in buying your things or pawning them.

Financial and pawnshops in California.

A company called Buy Sell Loan INC , is located in California and offers the services that you can see in your name or entrance sign. The business address is as follows : 2211 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050, EE. UU

Rapid credit companies in Texas.

Loan Star Pawn is a company that is also dedicated to the immediate financing and purchase of items that have been used. The location is : 202 E Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060, USA. UU

Remember that in most loan companies, without papers, they will not want to give you a loan, it is a matter of trying many businesses and trying to find contacts.

What types of visas are there in the United States?

The visas make it possible to be living in the United States in a legal way. We have compiled the different types of visas, which you can see in the following list:

  • Student visas : these can be divided into two major types, visas for university / academic students and visas for vocational studies, such as, for example, learning languages. Academic students are more likely to get a temporary worker visa , if for example they study something that is in high demand.
  • Tourist visa: tourist visas can be up to 90 days. It is very important to comply with the rules, to have a tourist visa. The most important is not to work. Because if the authorities find you breaking that rule, in the future it will be almost impossible to get a work visa or even not be able to enter the United States.
  • Temporary workers visas : in this type of visa, there are also different categories. Such as visas for temporary workers in agriculture or visas for seasonal jobs.
  • Visited exchange visitors : this happens in the Au Pair, is usually intended for women who want to improve their English, while babysitting and doing housework.
  • More visas : there are many more types, such as visa for athletes, military, free trade agreements, entrepreneurs …

In what other ways can I be a documented in the USA or get a visa?

As you can see below, there are also other ways to get a documented status, with conditions that are usually out of the ordinary.

  • Investing in a business with the visa E-2 visa : it is necessary to invest a large amount of money in lawyers and in the business that you want to perform in any of the US states.
  • Marry : with someone who has the nationality.
  • More ways : thanks to the knowledge of the laws and their study, there are law firms that have specialized in getting jobs for immigrants, especially people who have a high academic level or people who have capital to invest. You also have to be careful with scammers who take advantage of people in need. Look for good references and make sure very well, that everything they promise is possible.

What sanctions does not respect a visa?

He is denied entry to the United States and is deported to his country of destination. The time that is denied, generally is 3 years , without being able to enter the United States, in some occasions they can also be 10 years, if they are aggravated by certain consequences, such as for a very long time, not complying with the visa laws .

What study to obtain documentation and work in the United States?

There are some academic studies, which give more points when it comes to working in a foreign country. Currently, it is very necessary to have a high level of English . The more English certificates, the better. Some of the industries that most workers look for in the USA are :

  • Nursing : according to some sources of information, these jobs are going to be more demanded in the future.
  • Biotechnology and other sciences : the pharmaceutical industry is very large and also require specialists in areas, in which sometimes there are few scientists. The works related to science, are demanded.
  • Computer engineers : the technology industry needs software programmers and also specialists in using certain complex software.
  • Big Data : is a branch of computer science and statistics, is based on the analysis of data on a large scale and work with them. It also works with large databases.
  • Get work with the Diversity Visa Lottery Program: the government offers work permits to applicants, thanks to this program with a very similar operation to the lottery.
  • Working in international companies : working in an international company that has offices in the United States, makes you much more likely to get a work visa, in that same company. When looking for experienced workers.
  • Transport: the transport sector is also increasing considerably, thanks in large part to the increase in messaging and the increase in the economy.
  • If you have a relative who works in the United States , you also have more opportunities to get the Green Card.

Loans to building employees with payroll building

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New loan products are now available to construction employees, even with payroll building , which are among the least common products on the market, especially if there is a payroll building entry.

In fact, the construction fund is not a limit for all the financial companies in assessing loans to construction workers. Even if few, some lenders provide loans dedicated to employees of construction companies with the voice cashier in payroll.

Let’s see together what solutions exist. If you do not find all the information you need, write a commission ; Below you will find a dedicated space ( free service ).

Loans to building employees: what solutions exist?

Obtaining financing is not easy, even more complex if undertaken in the construction sector. For employees of construction companies with payroll housing, access to credit is often a tortuous and sometimes impossible path. Because of the construction fund, several institutions are not favorable in granting personal loans. However, there are solutions, let’s see them together. Loans to construction employees are:

  • personal loan
  • employee loans
  • loan changed

To obtain a personal loan, the applicant must satisfy two essential parameters:

  • be a good payer
  • be registered in the database

We have written an article, which we advise you to read , where we give 5 useful tips for obtaining a personal loan .

If the two conditions mentioned above are not met, the road to obtain new liquidity translates through the request for a transfer of the fifth or loan changed. We will see below how to get these loans .

Cession of the fifth and loan changed: how to do?

Both loans can be requested even in the presence of negative reports in the database . Therefore, if reported as bad payers , employees or construction workers can obtain financing. Both the sale of the fifth and the loan changed outweigh the negative evidence relating to the customer’s credit history.

As you may already know, delaying the payment of a loan installment involves the subsequent reporting in the credit data banks, compromising in principle access to credit.

With these two loan formulas, even in the presence of reports, it will be possible to proceed.

Loans to building employees: how to apply?

Simple, simply fill out the contact form on our website or sending us a message via Whatsapp 3929026173 . The request will not be sent to the databases, so we will not penalize your name.

By sending us your references, one of our representatives will contact you for an initial evaluation . It is obvious to note that, unfortunately, not all the requests will be successful. In the event of a favorable outcome, an appointment will be scheduled with one of our local agents; you will also make an appointment at home .

Collecting all the documentation useful for the investigation of your practice, we will forward the request for the resolution . Once you have received a positive confirmation , you will have to meet the agent again for the final signature of the contract . Now you just have to wait for the loan to be issued .

Why Willie Stark?

Our company is registered in the OAM register as a credit broker ; the credit brokerage firms carry out a consulting activity ( free with Willie Stark ) in favor of the client, a financial broker . They identify the best loan offer , or the lending institution (financial or bank) willing to evaluate the customer’s practice with the best conditions. Our service has no additional costs.

Have you already requested loans to construction employees with a negative result? Also by assignment of the fifth ? Our opportunity also evaluates the same. Thanks to the various active conventions, we are often able to identify a real possibility!

Loans to companies without endorsement

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Finance a company without endorsement , is widely used by entrepreneurs starting from scratch, self-employed without property and by many professionals in a certain professional branch, to later offer services as self-employed.

Request small credits for companies.

From this website you can ask for quick credits , with which you can request quantities that are not very large, for example ask for € 700. To request a small credit , you must go to the top of this website or enter the main home page.

Request considerable credits for companies without endorsement .

If you are looking to finance a company or a business idea, with an amount of thousands of euros. You have different options to be able to achieve it. One of the most frequent is a bank loan for companies , teaching the latest income.

  • More information: bank loans for companies . Bank loans for companies are more complicated to achieve, in these cases, what is most requested are documents that prove the viability of the company, during the previous years.

If there is a list of defaulters or the income to show, they are negative. You can access financiers who give loans, with the endorsement of the car.

Finance materials, local expenses, appliances or computer.

To finance the expenses of a local or an office, it is not always essential to have to go to a bank or a financial institution. Large supermarkets have their own financing, which may even have more competitive conditions than traditional financing.

Government credit lines and government grants for companies .

Depending on the autonomous community and the business project, it is more complicated to request it in one place or another.

  • More information : government grants for the self-employed . It is important to know that some very important requirements are required, such as having been targeted at unemployment and not having been self-employed since a certain previous time.

The amounts of money that can be accessed or the necessary conditions may also vary.

Loans to friends or relatives: opportunity or risk?

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Every month in Italy more than 800 million euros are given to friends and relatives. Is it always convenient to ask for a loan in the family or for loved ones?? What happens if we can no longer get our money back? All you need to know about loans to friends or family.

You read well. It is not a typo, but the data from a Doxa survey (December 2017) on Italian loans to family and friends . Every month to help a relative who needs money or a friend in temporary difficulty in Italy lend 800 million euros . It ranges from a few euros for a top-up telephone recharge for the purchase of a car, a medical examination, the renovation of the house.

Would you have said that we are such a generous people? On the other hand, who, being able, would refuse a loan to a friend or even more to a family member? Even for those in need of asking for a loan, at least in appearance, the benefits of addressing those we know well instead of a bank seem to be different.

Let’s try to list them? Less chance of receiving a refusal, possibility in some cases of a simple handshake, perhaps a little ‘more elasticity in case we needed a longer time to repay the debt. Perhaps, however, there is also some disadvantage : embarrassment to ask for money to those who know us, afraid to see us close the door in the face, fear of being misjudged or demanding too much compared to what can be given.

Now we try to overturn the roles and think that we are the people who are asking for money on loan. We put a hand on the heart and the other in the wallet: we accept.

And if the person to whom we lent our money can not pay off his debt? Or because of a quarrel, a rupture of relationships or else deny our loan and say you have received the money as a gift?

But what a funny thought, it will never happen to us! Yet the lawsuits of this kind are not few … When lending money to relatives and friends it seems indelicate to ask to make a written agreement, but without a private writing in case of non-return of money to recover your money becomes almost impossible . According to the Supreme Court, in fact, to prove the existence of a contract (even a mortgage between individuals) it is not enough to deliver money between the parties.

In these cases, therefore, remember to sign a written agreement: if the person who lends the money will have to give them in a year without adding anything more will be a free loan ( see an example proposed by the Cerbone & Associati ). If we recognize an interest in the money lent will be a loan for payment or interest ( see a similar facs downloadable ). If the contract does not specify this aspect, the contract is intended for consideration and the interest is that established annually for the obligations of the Ministry of Economy.

Pay attention

Even if the law does not require the writing of an agreement and says that the consent of the parties is sufficient, reread what is written a few lines above: the Supreme Court requires it. It may seem a contradiction … but that’s it! And if you have a witness? Nothing to do: for the Civil Code, contracts above € 2.58 can not be proven by witness deposition.

It is always good, moreover, that private writing for a loan between friends or relatives has a certain date . How to do? The main way is the registration of private writing at the Inland Revenue. Alternatively, a registered letter with delivery notice or an electronic signature (time stamp) can also be used.

One last thing to remember

In the case of loans to relatives or friends, you can not give or receive more than 3,000 euros in cash. Above this figure it is mandatory to make a bank transfer or to disconnect a check (see the regulation on the traceability of payments).

Now you know the pros and cons of asking for loans to a family member or friend (and those of being the family member or friend asking for a loan). If you want to know the advantages of applying for a loan to Tom Wilcher, fill out our form in complete anonymity, ask us your questions , set a free appointment in your home.